I create an amazing journey from start to finish where YOU absolutely fall in love with yourself all over again.

There is something new happening in our world…do you ladies feel it too?  Women do it all!
Have multiple jobs, are executives or business owners, have careers while running households, stay at home with multiple babes driving to this practice and that play date, juggling this and that, etc.  Women in my life especially inspire me consistently.  They are kick a** and why I love doing this.  I feel that women absolutely should build each other up.  We as women should make each other feel like total knock outs and like we could conquer the world tomorrow because honey we can!

I want you to feel your most gorgeous and confident…even if you are a tad nervous to do this of course you are and that is okay!  I am here to walk you through every step of this process!  I promise you that we will create amazing pieces of art for you to look back at and be incredibly proud of.  No matter what age, size, or stage you are in life every woman deserves this experience.  I promise you that when you shoot with my team and I once you will be planning your next…  It is THAT MUCH FUN!

This shoot is more than just stunning photography and art to carry with you for years to come.  Women that I shoot with look at their photos and it’s almost as if they are seeing themselves for the first time.  In today’s society with all the pressure to be something impossible, sometimes it is absolutely beautiful to truly see yourself for the first time.

Erika is exceptional! I thought I was doing this for my fiancé but little did I know how much I truly was getting out of this for MYSELF! I felt so comfortable and sexy! I gained so much confidence! Erika is so empowering. I’m so thankful to have had this experience.


I had put a lot of pressure on myself to make this experience great and the second I walked in, all of my nerves and anxieties went away. Instantly. I had the MOST fun and left feeling more sexy than I have ever in my life. It was a total high and I fell in love with my body all over again in the process.

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